Last month, I wrote about a very interesting tool for bookmarking: Pocket
Save to Pocket has proven to be incredibly helpful. It’s pretty intuitive, saves content for later access and has easy-to-install add-ons, which means that, with a simple click, your site is saved.
But the real jewel of bookmarks in my opinion is definitely Pinterest. Ahh, Pinterest, you make me waste countless hours sailing through a sea of pins. But I love you, anyway.

It works pretty much the same way. You find something you like on the web and you pin it for future reference. There’s also an add-on for Chrome, which you can install from here. You can create different boards in order to organize your content and find it more quickly. 

Bookmarking has evolved in the past years into social bookmarking, which basically means that you can share the content you found and also benefit from what other people have stumbled upon on the Internet. Pinterest has this social component as well, since you can follow other pinners and get inspired by their pins. 
Some of the pinners I find most useful are TEDEdudemicEdutopia and Humor Train for the occasional laugh. And you can find me as well 😉
Happy pinning!

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a way of keeping track of all the websites you like. At the same time, you can share them, hence the ‘social’ in ‘social bookmarking’
The number of websites out there is by far overwhelming and remembering all those which proved helpful or interesting in the past is impossible. The problem with bookmarking them is that you can only access your list on your personal computer. When not at home, you are in trouble.
One way of sorting this is with the help of Delicious, a website that enables you to keep a record of all the bookmarks you find interesting. After signing up, you can access your list of bookmarks from any computer you use. You can also tag each bookmark according to the use you will give it, which will make it easier for you to access it in the future.The key to a successful browsing is definitely organisation.
In the Home section, you can browse through other popular bookmarks that you may want to add to your list.And this being a Social Bookmarking site, you can also share your findings with other members on the site.

Hungry for more? You may want to take a look at Social Bookmarking in Plain English.

Delicious has definitely proven to be an excellent tool for me.