Writing Workshop Do your students struggle with spelling? Do you find yourself repeating the same old writing assignments and feel like spicing them up? Do you have students who roll their eyes every time you tell them it’s Creative Writing time? Writing is one of the most creative and self-expressive skills there is. Yet it … Continue reading Writing

Reading and Listening

It’s reading and listening time! For the final workshop in the Four Skills Series, we’ll get our hands dirty with reading and listening.Do you have struggling readers? Are you tired of using the same old reading and listening material over and over again? Would you like to revamp your classes with fun, interactive content? When … Continue reading Reading and Listening


Do you find it difficult to make your students talk? Do they struggle with certain sounds? How can you help shy students practise their speaking skills? Would you like to motivate your students to produce more spoken English? There are lots of tools to choose from and we will explore them in this workshop. If … Continue reading Speaking

Creating a Virtual Classroom

Digital technology offers the possibility of expanding our classroom’s walls. In this year’s second workshop, we will be analysing and experimenting with different tools to create virtual classrooms. We’ll see each tool’s pros and cons and you’ll create one class/blog of your own.


  In this GAFE (Google Apps for Education) workshop, we will be exploring Google’s tools for classroom use.

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